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Our roots are Danish, our production facilities are located in Germany and Ukraine, and with three sales offices across Europe and one in China we are ready to meet your needs. Our aim is to serve customers in countries where labour-cost is an issue to stay competitive, and where quality and environment matters more.

Dirk Renner, Financial Manager

Location Germany
info@juliuskoch.de, Tel + 49 (0)4523 9969 0

Frank Neuber, Factory Manager

Location Germany
fn@juliuskoch.de, Tel + 49 (0)4523 9969 0

Mykola Dolinskyy, General Manager

Location Ukraine
md@juliuskoch.ua, Tel +38 03241 51 248

Grethe-Lise Danneskiold-Samsøe,
Area Sales Manager

Julius Koch Denmark
gds@juliuskoch.com, Tel. +45 33 32 51 32
Markets: Australasia, Finland, India, Japan, Scandinavia, Turkey, USA and the UK.

Bernd Carstens,
Area Sales Manager

Julius Koch Germany
bc@juliuskoch.de, Tel. +49 (0)4523 9969 0
Markets: Austria, the Benelux, the Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Giacomo De Gaetano,
Area Sales Manager

Julius Koch Italy
dgg@juliuskoch.de, Tel. +39 0184 231388
Markets: Italy, France, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Steven Chen

Julius Koch China
info@juliuskoch.cn, Tel. +86 (21) 3424 1396
Business areas: Sun-screening articles.
Markets: China.