Innovation & product development

High performance quality for your purpose

High performance technical textiles are used in numerous fields for many different purposes both indoor and outdoor – for pulling, for lifting, for protection and replacement of metal by integrating new high-performance fibres. At Julius Koch we believe in developing new cost-efficient alternatives where existing pull cords or lifting solutions have not been challenged for long.

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High performance technical textile articles can be used in endless ways according to chosen product features and high-performance characteristics. We customize colour, dimension and function, according to your purpose and enter new development projects with our customers. Just invite us for a chat.

A strike of interior inspiration

Sometimes innovation comes just from looking at a known product in a new way. That's how we got the idea to use the knitting technique for our exclusive Silver grey room divider.

Developed as an inspiration for furniture designers, interior architects and other creative minds to discover new potential in our products and services.

TU Dresden* – Strategic research and development

To support and develop our tech know-how and remain on the forefront of our special business areas we have recently entered into a collaboration agreement with TU Dresden (Technische Universität Dresden; Fakultät Maschinenwesen). Our focus is developing textile properties, including improving UV resistance.

Pull cords with Vectran® and Dyneema® for pleated insect screens

For pleated insect screens we have recently developed a cord where polyester and Vectran® are combined in order to achieve high performance and a cost-efficient solution. The cord shows promising results.

* TU Dresden (Technische Universität Dresden; Fakultät Maschinenwesen) is supported by: The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs & Energy, Germany.